Services Cloud IBM - Calendrier des Formations Commerciales 3Q.

IBM Global Technology Services (GTS) continue son programme de "Sales Training" [en anglais] pour donner aux partenaires commerciaux IBM les compétences nécessaires à la vente d'offres de services Cloud
Le programme est encadré par de vrais experts qui présentent les techniques à succès. 
Une session interactive de questions/réponses donne aussi l'occasion d'un réel partage d'expérience et d'expertise.
Tous les Webcasts durent à peu près 1h et sont programmés les Jeudis à 17h.
Vous pouvez aussi revoir "à la demande" les sujets traités au deuxième trimestre.

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Le mot de passe pour accéder soit aux webcasts live, soit aux rediffusions est "Education" (case sensitive)
Programme du troisième trimestre:
July 12 : SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE) - object storage
With the integration of Nirvanix cloud storage technology, IBM SmartCloud storage services will provide customers with: (1) a solution designed to support millions of users, (2) billions of objects and (3) exabytes of data.

July 19 : IBM Flex System Implementation Services
Join us to learn how ITS's new services are designed to help your clients accelerate the business value of this new technology and fully maximize its virtualization and cloud capabilities.

July 26 : Business Environment of Security
Join this call to learn about the impact of security on the C-suite priorities, and how you can address client concerns.

August 2 : Virtualized Server Recovery
IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery service provides world-class automation and cloud tools to help speed recovery times and increase the reliability of server recovery.

August 9 : IBM SmartCloud: Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance
IBM is now an Authorized Mobility Partner for Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance. This new relationship allows IBM SmartCloud Services offering - including IBM SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE) and SmartCloud Enterprise+ (SCE+) - customers to move their existing "on-premise" licenses to our cloud offerings.

August 16 : SmartCloud Managed Backup (SCMB) Technical Environments
IBM SmartCloud Resilience - managed backup cloud offers a comprehensive range of on-site, off-site and hybrid information protection solutions for your clients who want to achieve information resiliency and operational recovery across enterprise data assets.

August 23 : SmartCloud Enterprise Workloads
The IBM SmartCloud Enterprise cloud infrastructure services include a multitude of features that customers can leverage to deploy their workloads with the level of security, relaibility and control they require. In this session we will go through some typical workloads, explain the deployment options and point you to further information.
August 30 : Overview of IBM SmartCloud Application Services (SCAS)
In this session we'll explore IBM's PaaS offering which is currently in Pilot and about to GA. The platform is called "SmartCloud Application Services". We'll look at our overall strategy and the content of our first release. We'll also take a look at our roadmap of ongoing SCAS capabilities.
September 13 : Penetration Test and Information Security Assessment
The Information Security Assessment assesses security maturity across a broad range of technologies and controls. The Penetration Test performs a real-world attack against an organization's infrastructure to test its resiliency. We will present the market forces driving demand for these types of services, walk you through how best to position them to your clients and explore how the delivery of these services opens up new opportunities for additional security solutions within the customer environment.
September 20 : Security Intelligence from IBM Security Services
This session will focus on cloud based security intelligence in the X-Force Protection System and the availability of real-time botnet detection, IP Reputation and Profiling, as well as sophisticated correlation rules that can validate the success and severity of attacks by correlating IDPS events, vulnerability scan results, critical server information and threat intelligence data.
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Autres sessions de formation/information pour Partenaires IBM:

29-31 août  
Clients et Partenaires IBM Software [SWG] - Possibilité de passer les tests de certification CLOUD et SW.
29-31 août
Partenaires IBM Hardware [STG]
21-23 août
Vendeurs Spécialistes Cloud et Avant-Vente Cloud de Partenaires IBM Cloud Builders et Cloud Infrastructure Providers

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