IBM SmartCloud Provisioning - 27 janvier - Roadshow pour Partenaires Cloud IBM - IBM Bois-Colombes

Cloud Builders, Cloud Infrastructure Providers, VADs, participez à l'étape parisienne du Roadshow SmartCloud Provisioning qui aura lieu le 27 janvier chez IBM à Bois-Colombes.

L'équipe Tivoli en charge de la formation et de l'information des Partenaires IBM organise le 27 janvier 2012 une session dédiée à IBM SmartCloud Provisioning dont voici également une démonstration [sous son ancien nom de IsaaC]

Cette nouvelle va ravir les participants à notre 1er RV des Experts - Cloud Builders qui sont tous "tombés amoureux" de SmartCloud Provisioning après la présentation de Dominique Lacassagne.

Voici le message [en VO] associé à cette invitation.
Les experts Tivoli interviendront en anglais, mais je parie que nos experts français comme Dominique seront là également !

IBM SmartCloud Provisioning is a key component of IBM SmartCloud Foundation

IBM SmartCloud Foundation allows enterprises to easily build and rapidly scale private cloud environments with unparalleled time-to-market, integration and management.
It provides multiple entry points, to automate the management of virtual environments and build a dynamic service delivery model.

In this session we will quickly show you how IBM's SmartCloud Foundations help provide a comprehensive Infrastructure-as-a-Service.
We shall show not only the strengths from management and administration of these services but also the availability, performance, security, compliance, usage and metering of these services, starting with IBM SmartCloud Provisioning and progressing in capabilities to our advance cloud stack and to integration with cloud service management.

Build and manage a low touch, highly scalable cloud with IBM SmartCloud Provisioning

IBM SmartCloud Provisioning provides businesses with an Infrastructure as a Service cloud, helping to reduce costs and providing a highly scalable, rapid deployment environment for running applications and reacting to dynamic changes in user resource demands.

IBM SmartCloud Provisioning works behind the scenes to help prevent service outages by automatically working around hardware failures and supporting in-place adding, removing, and upgrading of physical servers -- all without configuration changes. 

It includes image lifecycle management, which not only allows you to manage image sprawl and drift but also empowers you to do deep image analytics within our image library function.
In addition it provides image construction and composition tool which transforms the complex and time consuming process of creating virtual images into a graphical composition tool.

IBM SmartCloud Provisioning is hardware and hypervisor agnostic integrating with other IBM products to provide a comprehensive service management infrastructure.

IBM SmartCloud Provisioning allows cloud builders, cloud infrastructure providers and their customers to build and operate high-scale low-touch clouds with near-zero downtime and automated recovery across heterogeneous platforms.

IBM SmartCloud Provisioning provides business value in many areas:
  • Leverage rapid scalable deployment designed to meet business growth with near-instant deployment of 100s of virtual machines
  • Rely on a non-stop cloud capable of automatically tolerating and recovering from software and hardware failures
  • Setup a cloud in minutes
  • Save IT labor resources at scale by enabling self-service request and highly automated operations
  • Reduce complexity through ease of use and improve time to value
  • Control image sprawl and reduce business risk through rich analytics, image versioning and federated image library features
  •  Transform the complex and time consuming process of creating virtual images into simple graphical tool with image construction and composition tool
  • As a Line of business user, spend less time (90%+ savings) building down systems and more time innovating
IBM SmartCloud Provisioning distribution is open 

With near zero upfront investment and less than a half day of training, you will be able to deploy this complete Cloud solution, while being perfectly positioned to add additional value add services.

Cloud Builders, Cloud Infrastructure Providers, VADs, réservez votre place pour le 27 janvier en vous inscrivant ici.

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